Lent & Pascha Schedule 2021


Notes for Lent

Weekday Services: Matins/Vespers/Wednesday Mass  continue to be held at the regular times unless noted otherwise on the schedule, preceded by the Penitential Office.  
Sunday Litany: added after Matins until Palm Sunday.
It is found at the back of the Liturgy booklet.

Friday Services: Stations of the Cross are observed at 6:30 pm followed by Benediction.

Fasting: Monday through Saturday are fast days, meaning one full meal per day not taken before noon (more ancient practice after 3pm). No meat or animal juices are eaten (many WR Orthodox also restrict dairy by choice - fish is allowed). Ash Wednesday and Holy Friday (Good Friday) are strict fast days when nothing is eaten until after the evening service.


March 17 Ash Wednesday

Penitential Office, Matins, Blessing of Ashes and Mass 7:45 am

Litany, Penitential Office, Imposition of Ashes, Vespers 6:30 pm


March 21 First Sunday in Lent


March 20 St. Cuthbert, Patron Saint of Holy Trinity
Low Mass Saturday at 10:00 am


March 25 The Annunciation
Sung Mass Thursday at 6:30 pm


March 28 Second Sunday in Lent


April 4 Third Sunday in Lent


April 11 Fourth Sunday in Lent


April 18 Fifth Sunday in Lent / Passion Sunday


April 25 Palm Sunday
Matins, Blessing of Palms, Procession, & Mass


April 26 Holy Monday

Matins & Low Mass 7:45 am ~ Reading of the Passion of St. Mark


April 27 Holy Tuesday
Low Mass 8:00 am ~ Reading of the Passion of St. Mark


April 28 Holy Wednesday

Sung Mass & Holy Unction 6:30 pm ~ Reading of the Passion of St. Luke


April 29 Maundy Thursday

Vespers & Sung Mass of the Institution 6:30 pm

(Procession to Altar of Repose (Lady Chapel) Stripping of the Altar,

Vigil at Altar of Repose)


April 30 Good Friday

Matins 7:45 am
Stations of the Cross 12 Noon
Services for Good Friday 6:30 pm

(Passion of St. John, Solemn Collects, Veneration of the Cross, Pre-Sanctified Liturgy)


May 1 Holy Saturday
Paschal Vigil beginning at 9:30 pm
(Lighting of the New Fire, Blessing of the Paschal Candle, Prophecies,

Blessing of the Font, Litany of the Saints, Holy Baptism & Chrismations,

Mass of the Resurrection; breaking of the Fast follows.


May 2 Paschal Matins 11:00 am

(Followed by Paschal feast at Waggener home)