Holy Trinity had its origins in the Anglican parish of Christ Church in Lynchburg. By 2006, Bishop Robert Waggener and most of the members had made the decision to seek entry into the Orthodox Church. Under the guidance of Fr. Michael Keiser, of blessed memory, and the catechesis of Fr. Nicholas Alford, some 27 were Baptized or Chrismated on Pentecost 2006. Bishop Waggener was ordained to the Orthodox priesthood in September of 2006, with his baptismal name of Alban.

Since then, the parish has met at 6 different locations in Lynchburg. With the help of some generous benefactors, and diligent saving, we were able to purchase a suitable building for cash in June 2018, and began renovations in July 2020 once the previous renters completed their lease. In October 2020, we moved into our own new temple, debt-free and overjoyed to finally have our own sacred space to worship and have fellowship.


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