Visitors Welcome

Whether you are new to Orthodox Christianity or are visiting from another Orthodox parish we warmly welcome you to join with us, and we would be honored by your visit.

A few notes to first time visitors:
• We won’t make a public spectacle of you or ask you to do anything uncomfortable. You may simply sit in our rows reserved for visitors and observe.
• We lay no expectation on visitors of financial contribution to our parish’s ministries.
• We love children! Our children worship together with us—they are not segregated out during our services. If your child gets a bit out of hand, please do not feel embarrassed to make a visit to the “Cry Room” until the child is ready to rejoin everyone else in worship.
• All of our services are held in English
• We use three books for worship:  English Office  (for the first part, Matins), Divine Liturgy book and the hymnal.  An usher will give you these
• Everyone is welcome at Holy Trinity regardless of dress. However, recognizing worship as revealing the Kingdom of God to us, we wear our Sunday best.   Please consider other garments in lieu of t-shirts, shorts, jeans, low-cut tops and skirts above the knee.

Here are is an outline of  our worship  and the text of the Mass/Liturgy of St. Tikhon.

We are interested in greeting you following any of our services and to be of assistance in whatever way we can. Please join us for coffee hour after the Mass and introduce yourself to our pastor, Father Alban.

Concerning Holy Communion

Since we understand Communion to mean that we have all things in common, sharing an identical Faith, only baptized/chrismated members  of the Orthodox Church may receive Holy Communion.

Visiting Orthodox must be in good standing with the jurisdiction they are a part of and have followed the pre-communion prayer and fasting directives in order to receive the Body and Blood of Christ.   Those not receiving are encouraged to come forward for a blessing.  All are welcome to receive the blessed bread (blessed, but not consecrated).

Becoming a Catechumen
The first step to becoming an Orthodox Christian is to attend the Inquirers Classes.   A detailed description of becoming a catechumen is available  but in short this is a process where you learn about the fundamentals of Orthodoxy in order to either become a member or to determine you are not prepared to enter the Church.


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